2019 Plastic Surgery Trends: Snapchat Filters & Influencers

We are all aware that technology has had a profound influence on society. It has changed the way we receive and share information, it has changed the way we communicate, and it has even changed the way we perceive ourselves.

In the era of “selfies”, people in Columbus and worldwide are becoming even more notably focused on cosmetic appearance than ever before. Options like editing and Photoshop have allowed us to alter our appearance with the simple click of a button. However, technological advancements have taken it one step further, Snapchat filters.

These filters allow us to enhance and alter our facial features in an effort to appease our lack of confidence and appear more attractive to others, as well as, ourselves.  

The filters modify your facial features to appear more attractive, such as, create symmetry, smooth skin blemishes, and even change features to reflect what society deems as beautiful---bigger eyes, smaller nose and mouth, heart shaped jawline.

However, Snapchat filters have entered into even more dangerous territory. Instead of slightly altering your appearance to increase self-confidence and satisfaction, people are increasingly seeking cosmetic procedures that reflect the image created by their Snapchat filters so they will no longer have to use filters. This phenomenon has resulted in many negative psychological effects, such as Body Dysmorphia. The most current term is referred to as “Snapchat Dysmorphia”. These filters reflect unrealistic images of ourselves and create a sense of false hope that one day we can actually achieve this look through cosmetic procedures and surgery.

Cosmetic surgery in Columbus is ideal for correcting facial flaws like a bump on the nose or an under projecting chin.  Facial asymmetries and aging changes can be resolved and enhanced with surgery. However, Dr. Mike cautions that it’s essential for the individual to recognize what bothers them about their appearance before they will see the improvement and before surgery.

Cosmetic surgery can absolutely alter someone’s appearance, but there is no guarantee the patient will like their new reflection any better.  When done for the right reasons, cosmetic surgery is ideal to enhance someone’s natural beauty, not alter it to the point that they look like a different person.

One of the reasons Dr. Michael Sullivan chooses not to use computer imaging to portray possible post-surgery results is because computers can ultimately achieve any desired look.  This creates an unrealistic perception and the assumption that if a computer can do it, so can a surgeon. Unfortunately, just because a computer can achieve a certain look, doesn’t mean a surgeon can achieve that exact image. Computer imaging often leads to unrealistic expectations.  

Surprisingly, patients are not necessarily unhappy with their pictures, they are unhappy with their reflection. For example, prior to selfies, the most common complaint of Rhinoplasty was the hump of the Dorsum. Today, it is nasal and facial asymmetry.

Patients must keep in mind that pictures are not the best representation and many factors such as angles and lighting change the overall depiction of our appearance. If you are seeking more information on the best cosmetic procedures for you, please don't hesitate to contact our Columbus location or visit our website.