An Example of a Caring Spirit

Sullivan Centre Caring Spirit Award Winner

Each quarter, The Sullivan Centre staff nominates one of our own to receive The Sullivan Centre Caring Spirit Award. This tradition began in 1996 and is taken very seriously by the staff. The name of the winner, the employee who exemplifies the true spirit of The Sullivan Centre, is placed on a plaque in the office. This quarter’s winner did something for a patient so amazing that I think it should be shared. With the patient’s permission (and by changing a few names), the winner of this month’s Sullivan Centre Caring Spirit Award and the nomination ballot are as follows:

“Mary” has been a patient at The Sullivan Centre for many years. She is truly a member of the SC family, and when she arrives for her appointments, the entire staff enjoys chatting with her. Mary and her husband “Jim” have been married for nearly 50 years and had no children. They truly are soul mates and spent countless summers traveling to exciting places. Jim has been battling Alzheimer’s for a few years now, and normal everyday life, let alone traveling, is now a complete challenge. Sometimes, the only outing Mary has is when she comes to the office for a quick skin care treatment. As anyone who has ever faced a stressful situation on a daily basis knows, stolen moments to escape—and someone to talk to—are ways of re-energizing for what lies ahead. Mary struggled to keep Jim at home and take care of him, but sadly, the time had come for her to consider other options to properly take care of Jim and herself.

Mary’s last hurrah with Jim was to re-create a photo that they had taken together 35 years ago. Amazingly, Jim was able to fit into the same suit and Mary bought herself a new peach dress to match the one she wore 35 years ago. She had her hair styled to look exactly the same, and she asked Dina to do her makeup. As Mary arrived for her appointment, Dina frantically ran into my office and said she needed help. She asked me to send someone over to the Hills Market to pick-up a peach corsage that she had ordered for Mary. As I gave Dina a puzzled look, she simply said, “Somehow I know that Jim would have done this for her if he could.” Mary left looking absolutely beautiful and for the first time in a long time was excited about the day ahead.

I hope that someday I have someone as dedicated to me in my time of need. I also know that we at The Sullivan Centre are truly blessed to have Dina to know exactly what we need. I am proud to announce The Sullivan Centre Caring Spirit Award Winner: Dina Maynard.