Back from Portugal…

Dina confesses that she goes out in the sun!

First, let me say a big Thank You to everyone who graciously rescheduled their appointments so I could skip out of town to enjoy a little sun!

YES, I said SUN!

Here in the office, I talk, educate, and even scold patients about proper sun care and sun avoidance. So how is it possible, when you are active and enjoy the outdoors, to avoid the sun? The truth is, we can’t truly avoid UV radiation, but we can all be sun-smart.

While I was in Portugal, every day in the morning before heading out, I took a minute to determine where the day would take me: exploring the city, running on the beach, or riding along the Caparica coast (okay, okay, there was no running on this holiday, but there were many long, relaxed lunches on the beach). THIS IS STILL SUN EXPOSURE! Once I knew what the day had in store, I began my sun-safety preparation:

  • Portugal is arid and dry, so I used Neova SPF60 for its moisturizing capabilities and its dewy look.
  • Antioxidants like vitamin C boost the efficacy of your sun blocks and also start to repair the damage that can occur after an accidental sun overdose … such as those caused by an accidental wine overdose. I packed Cellex-C skin firming cream that contains a blend of L-ascorbic acid and lycopene, which are antioxidants for just such an emergency.
  • The last little lifesaver I toted around in my bag was the brand new Peter Thomas Roth Mineral SPF30 Bronzer Brush (another perk of the job: testing new products just as they are released!). This product is a powerful SPF30 and customizable bronzer that can leave either a hint of color or be dialed up for a more dramatic bronzed look. This is a perfect product that offers protection and that sun-kissed look we all love.

No matter how hard we try to protect the skin, we will always acquire some sun damage. Not to worry, there is always a treatment to remedy post-vacation blues (or reds … like late bottled vintages I tasted in Porto)! Which is why, somewhere over the Atlantic, I daydreamed about my next microderm and intense pulsed light treatment!