Bridal Blog, Part 2

208 days! Just a few days ago, I received the “7 months to go” email; I can’t believe time has gone by so quickly. A few quick updates…

I picked up my dress last week. I tried it on and still loved it … and that’s always a good thing! I was afraid to take it home with so much time until the wedding, but I put it in the back of my closet so no one can find it … including Sean! The bridesmaid dresses will arrive in January, and we found really great shoes to go with them. They come in three different heights in the same design so everyone can be comfortable throughout the entire day. I’ve also been looking into my shoes and think I might go a little crazy! I definitely want to do something to bring in my Ohio State spirit … perhaps a leopard print with scarlet and grey, instead of traditional brown and black. I’ll have to get my creative juices flowing, but the shoe store says they can do whatever I request.

We have also booked our honeymoon to Jamaica! We decided we definitely wanted to do an all-inclusive resort so we didn’t have to worry about anything during that week, so we went with a resort in Montego Bay. It will definitely be a great way to relax after all of the craziness of the wedding.

Finally, I’ve also completed a few more skin treatments with Dina. We’ve done two TCA peels since the last blog, and the results are really great! The first TCA was a lighter one, and I did have some peeling on days 4 and 5, but after that, my skin was back to its normal self with an increased glow. A week later, I had a second TCA peel, in which Dina bumped up the intensity slightly. I actually had less peeling the second time around, but still with the same end result.

In the next couple of weeks, I will do another TCA peel, and this time we will add a retinol booster. The booster will increase exfoliation during the peel and infuse the skin with vitamins. The really great thing about these peels is that each is customizable to a individual person’s skin. I can’t wait to see the outcome after this next one. I can already see the improvement in my skin!