Dr. Mike’s Thoughts on Periorbital Juvéderm

Periorbital (Around the Eye) Juvéderm

So far this year, the demand for Juvéderm® has been extraordinary. I attribute this increase to more marketing by Allergan, as well as to the positive experiences of lots of patients. The area of injection where I am seeing the greatest interest lately is under the eyes, known as periorbital Juvéderm.

I have to admit; initially, I wasn’t too enthused about injecting Juvéderm® in the under eye creases. I was not concerned because it was dangerous. In fact, when Juvéderm®, or any filler, is injected by an experienced Facial Plastic Surgeon who understands the complexity of the anatomy and potential risks, this is a very safe procedure. My hesitancy was a result of my bias that surgery is a better option for eyelid bags and under-eye creases. I still believe this to be the case; however, many people today are looking for, and satisfied by what I had believed to be, a short-term solution.

To my amazement, many of my patients are satisfied with these results for up to a year or more. In fact, a recent study which evaluated the results of filler augmentation in the infraorbital region by the use of three-dimensional imaging revealed the maintenance of product in some patients as far as 22 months after their initial injection. Now I am more excited about offering dermal fillers as an option for under eye bags or creases. The other more permanent options include fat transfer from another body site to the under eye area, or repositioning the lower eyelid fat down into the under eye crease. Of course, cheek implants are yet another option.