Just because you CAN, does not mean you SHOULD

One of the biggest questions I get via email goes something like: “I am a little obese, I need liposuction and Dr. [insert name of local non-board certified plastic surgeon who took a weekend lipo class] is charging me $3000. Can you beat this price?” Believe it or not, these are my favorite types of emails and phone calls.  This is where we, Team Sullivan, can make a difference.

My first question is, how much is “a little obese”? Over 15-20 pounds?  If so, Dr. Christine Sullivan will examine you and work with you on trimming down in order to be a good candidate for surgery. Patients are amazed at how much their body can change with 15-20 pounds. Add in exercise, and liposuction may not be needed… and if it is, it will be used in the correct way: liposuction to 'contour' the body.  Excess skin after weight loss?  We suggest BODYtite for excess skin and the outcome is pretty amazing.

My second question: “Let’s talk about price. What is the motivation for anyone to undercut prices in such a significant manner?" My answer is this, if you are a good surgeon, you stay busy and do not need to undercut prices in order to fill your operating room.  My days are busy working with patients who tried to step over a dollar to save a dime.  Reminder: You only have ONE body -- doesn’t it deserve something better than cheap?

Just because you can get a breast augmentation or tummy tuck for $500 less does not mean that you should.

Just because you are an “MD” who can take a weekend liposuction class does not mean that you should.

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