Making Your Botox Last Longer

Why is it that Botox Cosmetic lasts longer for some individuals than others? In fact, Botox results can vary not only between patients but even from treatment to treatment within the same individual . Although there is no simple answer to this question a recent study by Charles Soparkar, MD., PHD may shed some light on the subject. This study suggests that those who took a dietary supplement of organic zinc and the enzyme phytase for four days prior to the injection saw in increase in the degree and duration of the injection effect. The researchers observed that there is a marginal zinc deficiency in the general population and the Botox toxin requires a certain baseline zinc level in the body. Each molecule of the botulinum toxin must bind to a molecule of zinc to be effective. Phytase is an enzyme which increases the body’s ability to absorb zinc. The study results were consistent with three neurotoxins: Botox, Myobloc and Dysport.

In this study 92% of subjects who took zinc 50mg and phytase experienced a 30% average increase in duration effect of the injected neurotoxin. More importantly, 84% of the study participants reported a subjective improvement in the drug effect. One caveat of the study is that half of the study subjects were over the age of 70. Older individuals may be more susceptible to nutritional deficiencies which could explain the improved results with zinc supplements.

Zinc is found in many foods we regularly eat like poultry, pork, beef, eggs, whole grains and beans but many of these foods also block its absorption. Therefore altering your diet by eating zinc rich foods may not be enough to increase zinc levels in your body. Zinc levels can be measured by either a simple blood test or by the zinc taste test. Both tests give reliable measurements of zinc levels.

Zytaste, which is manufactured by OCUSOFT Inc, is a prescription dietary supplement combining zinc and phytase. Each prescription costs about $80 and comes with 10 pills for a five day treatment regime. There are generic alternatives but gastrointestinal problems may arise from consuming too much zinc and phytase. The next time a patient questions the effect of duration of their last Botox visit we’ll have a little discussion about zinc.