The Finger Test

The Finger Test for Sunblock

It’s in the middle of a busy office day. Dina is patiently waiting for 10 seconds of my time. She sees a break in the schedule and hands me a glass of water. As I am thinking “how thoughtful of her,” I notice a brown skimming on top of the water. Before I can even look at her, she says, “Dip your finger in it!”

OK, now I am having flashbacks to my Appalachian childhood where my brother would whip up some gross-looking concoction made of various foods and make me taste it. “Not doing it,” I said.

Dina informed me that this is our new sun block. OK, I realize that the medical world is making huge strides, but a sun block you can drink? Dina gently takes my finger and dips it into the glass of water and when I pull my finger out, it’s dry.

I would have furrowed my brow at this point, but the fresh BOTOX made this impossible (Thanks, Dr. Mike!) … instead, she went into full educator mode:

“This sunblock is amazing. You need to get it for you and the girls (referring to my 9- and 4-year-old daughters). Look at this. Perfection. This is a true quality mineral. Look how it floats on top of the water. This water represents your skin, meaning that the minerals form a flexible waterproof barrier on the surface of the skin. This is proven when you stick your finger through the mineral powder into the water. The minerals form a waterproof barrier around your finger and when you pull it out of the water, your finger is dry with a powdery finish … quality minerals neither mix with the water or rinse off with the water. They adhere to the skin to form a sun-blocking, protective, breathable barrier.” $30, translucent. It applies like a powder and is great for acne and Roseaca. It’s totally portable, leaves no greasy hands, and doesn’t sting eyes or cause allergic reactions … SOLD!