The Times They are a Changin—Bob Dylan

The rumors of Dr. Chris and my retirement are greatly exaggerated. Yes, you will notice some changes at Sullivan Centre over the next 4-5 months but our retirement is not one of them.

I am changing the focus of my surgical practice to concentrate exclusively on rhinoplasty surgery. As of July 21, 2017 I will no longer be performing facelift or eyelid surgery. In addition to rhinoplasty surgery I will be focusing on our nonsurgical rejuvenation offerings such as our many options for the non-surgical facelift. The future is in these non-surgical treatments and our hope is to integrate the most promising ones into our practice.

Without question, surgery will be the best option for some individuals. For this reason I will be referring my surgical candidates to Dr. Stephen Nogan. I have been involved in Dr. Nogan’s Facial Plastic Surgery training over the past few years. You may have already met him in the office. I have the utmost confidence in his surgical judgement and skills. Dr. Nogan has an academic appointment in the Division of Facial Plastic Surgery at The Ohio State University. Even though he is not part of our practice he will have regular office hours at The Sullivan Centre.

Dr. Chris has no plans to change her practice situation in the foreseeable future. She continues to love performing breast and body contouring surgery. She is very excited with the addition of CoolSculpting. She’s convinced it’s created a whole new dimension of body contouring possibilities for her patients.

The REALLY BIG news is our plan to remodel Sullivan Centre and freshen our brand. Although we are recognized by many as the premiere cosmetic surgery practice in central Ohio, some of our own patients are unaware of all the non-surgical options we provide. We don’t feel our name reflects the tremendous growth of these non-surgical offerings over the past decade. Sullivan Centre facility was revolutionary 20 years ago but we couldn’t have anticipated the desire from the public for a less clinical and more “spa like” experience. For these reasons we are changing our name to Sullivan Centre, and remodeling our building to reflect a state of the art medical spa facility so that we can better meet your needs. We hope to begin construction by the end of July and are working on options to continue some operations throughout the remodel. I anticipate it will be like trying to live in your home while renovating a kitchen or bathroom. It will be noisy and may be a little messy at times. Please accept our apologies in advance; however we promise to go above and beyond to make your experience with us as comfortable as possible. With creative scheduling and flexible hours we expect to be able to accommodate your needs. We know you’ll be as excited as we are about our new space when it’s completed.

Dr. Chris and I along with the entire Sullivan Centre team sincerely appreciate your trust and confidence in us. We value our relationship with you and the loyalty you have shown us over the years. We are humbled by the privilege to be involved with your journey to look your best. Our commitment to you will never change. We will treat you like family, empower you to make the right choices for yourself and always give you our best effort. As we advance the science of beauty please follow our progress on our Facebook page and call (64.436.8888) or email us at with questions.