Why Young People in Columbus Are Having Rhinoplasty Surgery

The 2018 American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery survey results are in. There has been a 24% increase in cosmetic surgery or injectables in patients under the age of 30 since 2013. Rhinoplasty again leads the way of surgical trends. However, nose surgery has always been popular with young people. Spring is often referred to as “nose season” for plastic surgeons in Columbus. Young people are eager to correct nasal deformities as they transition from high school to college or college to the real world.

Our psychological relationship with our noses has much to do with who we are and who we become as we grow up because the nose is the most projecting point on our faces. A large bump, bulbous tip or wide bridge can be a source of teasing, bullying and nasty comments, all of which can lead to low self-esteem and possibly more serious psychological effects. Cell phone pictures, selfies, and social media platforms have only magnified our tendency to overanalyze and criticize ourselves and others. It’s important to note that recreational photographs and in particular, selfies, distort images so noses appear bigger and asymmetries seem exaggerated.  

The fashion and entertainment industry have long used celebrities to create the imagery of “ideal” faces and bodies. Before the introduction and widespread use of the internet, these iconic figures seemed distant from the everyday person, but today we can follow our favorite “celebrity” on our favorite social media platform like they are a friend or family member.  The relationship becomes more personal. Now we have a front row seat as they experience cosmetic enhancement procedures and even surgery. It’s not a stretch to think, if it’s good enough for my favorite celebrity; then it’s certainly good enough for me.  

Seeing good outcomes in before and after photos give us confidence to consider surgery, but that confidence can also lead to unrealistic expectations. It’s not uncommon that someone will come to me because they want to look like a celebrity or desire that “ideal” face or body. My ultimate challenge is to determine which individuals have realistic expectations and who may have misguided ones.  

For all these reasons, nose surgery continues to surge in popularity for young and old.  If you are thinking about rhinoplasty surgery, read my book, “When Your Nose Doesn’t Fit”. You can read it online at www.topcolumbusplasticsurgeons.com or stop by the office and pick up a hard copy.