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When it comes to breast implants, Dr. Christine Sullivan is an expert on helping women find “just the right” breast implant size. There is really no “one-size formula” for an implant size, rather it is the skill of the surgeon to choose an implant size that will enhance your overall breast size while giving the patient the balanced body proportions they are seeking.
Areas of Improvement
Results Will Last
Maintenance may be necessary due to the aging process or issues that may arise due to the implant.
Recovery Time
7 days
Recovery Process
A pain pump that delivers medication to numb the surgical site for the first 72 hours makes your recovery more comfortable in the post operative period.

Being a woman and a board-certified plastic surgeon gives Dr. Christine Sullivan a special perspective regarding breast implant size and breast augmentation surgery and she will assist you in making your final implant decision.


There are only a few breast implant manufacturers in the world. One of those manufactures, Mentor, make their implants in the USA. Dr. Christine Sullivan is a proponent of “American Made” and has actually visited the Mentor implant factory in Texas.

Patients often ask about the most “common” breast implant size. Dr. Sullivan’s response to the best breast implant size is the one that will balance out your body and give you the look that you find most attractive.

Breast Implants are available in various shapes and sizes and the breast implant size best suited to you will be determined by your body type and expectations. Having the expertise of a board certified female plastic surgeon makes all the difference when considering the size and style of implant.

Dr. Chris understands the thought process most women go through when considering having a breast augmentation. She will encourage you to consider your lifestyle in order to help you choose the size that best fits your needs.

There are three basic types of breast implants:

  • Saline Breast Implants: The outer shell is made of silicone and is filled with a salt water solution once the implant is inserted into the body. The disadvantage to saline implants is that they do not feel as “real” as other breast implants. Patients may also notice more “rippling” from saline implants. Patients who are thin tend to have more of a concern with the rippling appearance of saline implants.
  • Silicone Gel Implants: The outer shell is similar to the saline implant. These implants come pre-filled with a silicone gel substance. This is not the same silicone implant that was used in the 1970’s. The current silicone gel breast implant has undergone rigorous FDA testing prior to being approved. This implant feels more like natural breast tissue. Because of the viscous gel, there is less rippling than the saline breast implant.
  • Memory Shape Implants: These are the newest generation of breast implants and are often referred to as “gummy bear implants”. These implants produce the most natural look and feel. If you were to split this implant in half, the material inside would not move- it is a cohesive implant. This means that the silicone substance in this implant would be similar to that of a gummy bear candy. If you were to cut the implant, the silicone inside the shell would remain there if a hole in the shell were to occur.

Patients scheduled for breast augmentation surgery at Sullivan Centre in Columbus, Ohio are required to have a pre-operative and breast implant sizing appointment. This appointment is scheduled a minimum of three weeks prior to the breast augmentation surgery date. During the sizing appointment, you will have time to try on breast implants to help determine your comfort level with different breast implant sizes.

Over the years we have found some tips that patients find to be helpful when choosing a breast implant size.

  • Look through magazines or online. Really think about the size of the breasts that you find attractive.
  • When researching the internet for breast implants, do not read the text regarding implant size. For example, a 350cc breast implant on one woman may look natural: however, this same implant size on another woman may not look the same way. We are all unique and different and Dr. Sullivan asks patients to not get caught up in the “number game”. Instead, find a photo of the breast size that you find to be “perfect”, bring it to the office and allow Dr. Christine Sullivan to do what she has done thousands of times- choose the correct implant to meet your needs.
  • Most of us are visual creatures. When trying on breast implants, wear something that fits a little snugly but has some give. A t-Shirt works very well for this. When trying on implants for sizing, you will be wearing a surgical sizing bra. Although the bra does its job in terms of post-operative care, this is a very unattractive bra. When you place a t-Shirt over the bra you will be able to see how your breasts will look following surgery and the healing process.

Reasons to Consider Breast Implants

  • To achieve fuller breasts
    Patients often tell us that they have waited years to be able to have the breasts that they “should have been born with”. Some patients want to be able to wear a bathing suit with confidence and feel good about the way they look.
  • To recapture pre-pregnancy breast size
    Breast feeding can take a toll on the size of the breasts. In some cases, a breast augmentation can help achieve a pre-pregnancy breast size.
  • To add volume following weight loss
    Have you ever heard that the first place some women lose weight is in their breasts? We have patients tell us this often. They work hard to lead a healthy lifestyle with diet and exercise and one day they realize that their breast size has changed. Breast implants are used to fill volume in a breast.
  • To achieve natural symmetry
    Many women have breasts that are significantly different. Breast implants can be used to even out breasts and make them more symmetrical.
  • To balance your overall figure
    The “pear shape” patient who has implants will be transformed into an almost hourglass figure. These patients are very confident in their clothing choices following breast augmentation.

If any of these conditions describe you, contact us to schedule a meeting with Dr. Christine Sullivan, a board certified Plastic Surgeon specializing in breast implant surgery.

Breast Augmentation Procedure

The technique used for breast augmentation surgery depends on the results you are seeking. Dr. Sullivan can make the incision in several different places. She will discuss the  location that best suits you during your consultation.

During breast enlargement surgery, Dr. Sullivan creates a pocket, typically below the pectoral muscle, to house the implant. Then, using careful and sterile techniques, she inserts the implant into the pocket. Once the incisions are sutured, your healing begins.  
At Sullivan Centre, we always put safety first. Our ambulatory surgical center has been licensed by the State of Ohio and accredited by the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care (AAAHC). We have achieved a near zero percent infection rate. Dr. Sullivan typically uses Mentor breast implants- the only breast implants made in the USA. Furthermore, we only use board certified anesthesiologists for all of our operations.

The best breast augmentation procedure is performed at Sullivan Centre and will take approximately one and a half hours under anesthesia. The breast augmentation is performed on an outpatient basis; therefore, you can recover in the comfort of your own home. Most women can return to work in one week and can resume normal exercise in several weeks.  
All individual pre and post-operative needs will be discussed with our nursing team during your comprehensive pre-operative appointment.

Breast Augmentation Post-Op Results

Following breast augmentation surgery, Dr. Christine Sullivan prescribes the use of a pain pump, a tiny catheter that is inserted directly into your surgical site to deliver medication to numb the surgical site for the first 72 hours, making your recovery more comfortable while promoting quicker healing.

Following your breast augmentation surgery:

Most women are able to return to work after one week and resume exercise after four weeks. The specific risks and possible complications with breast augmentation will be discussed at your consultation.

How Much Do Breast Implants Cost in Columbus, Ohio?

The total fee for breast augmentation surgery will vary based on your geographical area. At Sullivan Centre in Columbus, Ohio the total fee for silicone breast implants (breast augmentation surgery) is approximately $6800. The total fee for saline breast implants (breast augmentation surgery) is about $6000.

The Sullivan Difference

We know that you want to look and feel your best. Our goal is to understand your motivation and priorities and then educate, advise, and guide you to the optimal solution. Our personalized approach begins with a consultation with Dr. Christine Sullivan, a renowned plastic surgeon with more than 30 years of experience, who takes the time to listen to your concerns and works with you to determine the best approach to get the results you desire. From initial consultation through recovery, our staff is always ready to answer your questions and address your concerns.

The specific risk and possible complications as they relate to Breast Augmentation will be discussed at your initial consultation.
Chris’s reputation is well deserved. She gave me an honest opinion about my outcome. She is very encouraging and caring.
Breast Augmentation Columbus, Ohio
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