Brow Lift
The effects of aging are inevitable, and oftentimes, your brow and forehead area show the first signs. Your skin begins to lose its elasticity. Sun, wind, and the pull of gravity all affect your face, resulting in frown lines, wrinkling across your forehead, and an increasing heaviness of your eyebrows. Even people in their thirties may have faces that look older than their years. Your tired, angry, or sad expression may not reflect how you actually feel. As a result, many people have opted for a procedure known as a forehead lift.
Areas of Improvement
Brow, Forehead
Results Will Last
7-10 years
Recovery Time
7-10 days
Recovery Process
Some swelling and bruising is expected but usually resolves in 7-10 days. Temporary numbness of the forehead improves over 3 months. Exercise can be resumed one week after surgery.

During a brow lift or forehead lift, Dr. Michael Sullivan tightens loose skin and removes the excess, modifying forehead wrinkling and drooping brows. If necessary, he divides part of the muscle that causes vertical frown lines between your brows. If you suffer from any of these symptoms, an endoscopic brow lift or forehead lift can result in a smoother brow and a more youthful expression.

Forehead lifts are an option if you have a sagging brow or deep furrows between the eyes. To see what a forehead lift can do for your face, put your hands above your brows and outside the edges of your eyes and gently pull the skin upward. This procedure is usually done between age 40 and 65, although it may be necessary at an earlier age.


Browlift Procedure

The main difference between the various forehead lift options is the placement of the incisions: at the hairline, behind the hairline, or in some cases, above the brow or in the mid-forehead. Dr. Sullivan can help you select the best technique suited to your particular situation and describe the technique in detail, including the type of anesthesia, the surgical facility, any additional surgery, and the risks and costs.

The original technique is called the “coronal incision,” made slightly behind the natural hairline. An alternative is the “pre-trichial incision:” similar to the coronal incision, but the mid-portion of the incision is made directly at the hairline. This incision generally heals favorably and has the advantage of lowering the hairline. The disadvantage could be noticeable scarring. Another option is to place the incision within the mid-forehead creases. This is primarily used in men with deep pre-existing forehead lines.

The newest approach is “endoscopic surgery.” Several small (½-inch to 1-inch) incisions are placed just behind the hairline. Although this technique may require more surgery time, it is less invasive and results in a smaller chance of temporary scalp numbness.

Brow lift Post-Op Results

You will experience a certain amount of swelling and bruising in the 10-day period following your browlift or forehead lift. In some patients, this condition may include the cheek and eye area as well as the forehead. You are advised to keep your head elevated to reduce swelling. Cold compresses may further reduce swelling.

As the incisions heal, you may experience some numbness and itching, both of which will diminish with time. The sutures are usually removed within 7 to 10 days following your brow lift or forehead lift. Any bandages are removed in 1 to 2 days. It is important to follow Dr. Sullivan’s advice on resuming normal activities. For most patients, the recovery time will not exceed 2 weeks, but you may still be advised to avoid strenuous activities for longer periods. Any prolonged bruising can be camouflaged with standard makeup techniques.

Facial plastic surgery makes it possible to correct many facial flaws and signs of premature aging that can undermine self-confidence. Not infrequently, a brow lift is combined with a blepharoplasty (an eyelid tuck) or a face lift to provide a harmonious rejuvenation. By changing how you look, cosmetic surgery can help change how you feel about yourself.

How much does a Brow Lift cost in Columbus, Ohio?

The fees for an Endobrow (brow lift) range from $5900-$6200. An exact quote will be given upon consultation and examination.

The Sullivan Difference

We are passionate about helping you achieve your goals. We are not here to simply sell you a new product or service. Our prescriptive skin care approach provides you with a highly-customized solution that meet your specific needs. Dr. Michael Sullivan, an internationally renowned plastic surgeon with more than 30 years of experience, will evaluate you, listen to your concerns, and then guides you to the optimal treatment regimen. Our skin care specialist will serve as your personal concierge throughout the process to answer your questions, address your concerns, and teach you how to properly care for your skin.

The specific risk and possible complications as they relate to a browlift will be discussed at your initial consultation.
From the doctors to the receptionists—we would like to thank each and every one of you for your professionalism. This experience has weighed heavily on us because of all of the different procedures that I had done, and someone was always there to answer my many questions and concerns. This facility is top notch! I can guarantee you that I will be back (in the future) and will recommend you to anyone seeking to enhance themselves. Thanks to all of you for your friendliness!
Brow Lift
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