Facelift Columbus, Ohio
The effects of aging are most evident on your face and neck. So it’s not surprising that facelift surgery has become the third most desired facial plastic surgical procedure. The term “lower facelift” most commonly refers to the lower third of the face and neck. A facelift (rhytidectomy) will give your face a more youthful, fresher look and in the process, boost your self-esteem.

Areas of Improvement
Nasolabial folds, marionette lines, jowls, neck
Results Will Last
7-10 years
Recovery Time
10-14 days
Recovery Process
A head dressing is worn for 1-2 days. Some bruising and swelling is expected but usually is resolved by 10 days. Temporary numbness of the cheeks and ear lobes may last for 3-4 months. Facelift surgery is usually associated with little to no pain. Patients can resume normal activities 10 days after the procedure.

Why have a facelift?

In years past, facelift patients stayed in the hospital for three to four days after surgery and dropped out of society for months. When they reappeared, the changes were so dramatic that everyone knew they’d had plastic surgery.

Advancements in facelift surgery in recent years have come a long way. Today’s facelift procedures result in a more natural appearance, longer-lasting improvement. In most cases, patients can return to normal activities 10-14 days after surgery.


Facelift Recovery Process

Most patients take 7-10 days off from work or social activities and report little to no pain. All patients are seen 1-2 days post-operative and again five-seven days later. Patients are released to drive once they are off of pain medication. Sleep with the head elevated about their heart will help in healing. A few pillows or a recliner seem to be the most popular options for sleeping.

How much does a facelift cost in Columbus, Ohio?

With advancements in modern medicine and medical technology the fees for a lower facelift will vary. Fees are based on the exact nature of the procedure. Dr. Michael Sullivan does many different kinds of lifts. Because we all age differently, your lower facelift will be customized to address your individual concerns. Upon consultation patients will receive an exact quote on fees. The average cost of a facelift at Sullivan Centre is between $8700-$9500. Upon consultation and examination we will provide you with an exact quote for the facelift procedure that would best address your individual concerns.

Facelift Associated Procedures

Patients now have choices, such as a lower face lift, a mid-face lift, a mini face lift, and even a weekend face lift. With advancements in modern medicine and technology, experienced surgeons are now able to customize a surgical procedure in order to address very specific patient concerns. We invite you to learn more by choosing one of the following links:

  • Lower Facelift Columbus, Ohio—to tighten the skin around your mouth, chin, and neck
  • Mid-Facelift Columbus, Ohio—for a more youthful, heart-shaped face
  • Mini Facelift Columbus, Ohio—subtle enhancement of the lower face and jawline
  • Weekend Facelift Columbus, Ohio—revolutionary advancement or disproved technique?
  • Neck Lift Columbus, Ohio – to re-drape the neck skin

Additional Procedures

When I first started practicing facial plastic surgery 30 years ago, facelift surgery was a bit of a mystery to the general public. Most people assumed only the Hollywood elite could afford the procedure.

Well, this was far from the truth. Plenty of Hollywood outsiders including people in Columbus, Ohio were having cosmetic procedures, but no one talked about it. They would slip out of their social circle for several months and then suddenly reappear looking refreshed and rejuvenated. Today, people are much more open to having “things” done. There is so much more information readily available about cosmetic procedures on the internet and elsewhere that aesthetic medicine is no longer taboo and has become much more mainstream.

However, facelift surgery still remains somewhat mystical. By the time people come to see me for consultation, they are aware their facial skin has loosened, particularly along the jaw line and under the chin or perhaps the muscle bands in the front of the neck are now more visible. Invariably, they will lift their cheeks as if to demonstrate the laxity.

I am often surprised by their reaction when I explain that more often than not moving their skin in that direction requires a facelift. This reaction, I believe, is because patients still think of a facelift as being too aggressive with prolonged downtime. They were hoping for something less invasive and perhaps with no downtime. Why wouldn’t we all think this is the case? We see or hear advertisements nearly every day for quick simple cosmetic procedures and amazing results, with no downtime.

Fortunately, today, there are many more cosmetic options which don’t involve surgery; however, choosing the correct option basically comes down to (1) how much improvement are you expecting, (2) how long do you want that result to last, and (3) how much downtime can you afford. Once you have answered these three questions, you will have a pretty good idea as to what choice will be right for you. My goal in my consultations is to educate my patients so that they feel empowered to make the right choices for themselves.

When you have jowl laxity, creases and shadows along the cheek/lip (nasolabial crease) or jaw line/chin (marionette crease) junctions, fullness or banding under the chin, a facelift will provide the best, most natural, and longest lasting improvement. Facelift patients are usually happy with their results for 8 to 10 years, but a facelift involves surgery and 10 to 14 days of recovery.

However, most of my facelift patients are able to resume work, physical activities and feel comfortable going out with friends ten days after surgery. You can read more about facelift surgery under the procedures section.

There are less invasive options of course such as Ultherapy and FaceTite, but I think of these options like a Band-Aid. Each will provide some improvement but will vary in amount and longevity.

The Sullivan Difference

We are passionate about helping you achieve your goals. We are not here to simply sell you a new product or service. Our prescriptive skin care approach provides you with a highly-customized solution that meet your specific needs. Dr. Michael Sullivan, an internationally renowned plastic surgeon with more than 30 years of experience, will evaluate you, listen to your concerns, and then guides you to the optimal treatment regimen. Our skin care specialist will serve as your personal concierge throughout the process to answer your questions, address your concerns, and teach you how to properly care for your skin.

The specific risk and possible complications as they relate to facelift will be discussed at your initial consultation.
Thank goodness for maintenance! I have been going to see Dr. Mike for a few years and strongly recommend him to anyone. When we first met we discussed my thoughts and issues and fears about looking different.
Facelift Columbus, Ohio
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