When Dr. Michael Sullivan examines a patient’s face, he divides it horizontally into thirds: upper middle, and lower. The “mid-face” is the area most of us think of as our cheeks, extending from the cheek bone prominence down to the upper lip. The mid-face contour is ultimately determined by your skeletal shape and the soft tissues that drape over its surface.

Why have a mid-facelift?

A mid-face lift is a surgical procedure designed to re-establish the heart-shaped contour of your younger face. You will notice a significantly less prominent nasolabial fold, a smoother contour under your eyes, and a higher cheek bone. In certain cases, Dr. Sullivan may also recommend using filler material or an implant to replace the bone or soft tissues that have diminished.

Dr. Sullivan’s goals in performing Columbus mid-facelift surgery are two-fold:

  1. To achieve the very best possible results for you, and
  2. To get you back to your normal life as quickly as possible.


The procedure involves repositioning the soft tissues back into their original anatomic location, creating a fuller cheek in a more youthful position. Most mid-facelifts require a brief anesthetic. Incisions—either just below the lower eyelashes or in the temple region—are carefully placed to leave a nearly invisible scar when fully healed.

Post-Op Results

You can expect immediate results, although you will experience about 2–3 weeks of swelling. Most patients do not find the surgery to be painful, and few require any medicine to treat pain after 2–3 days. A small amount of bruising may also occur, but it should clear after 1 week. Most women are able to use their normal makeup routine around one week following surgery. For most patients, we recommend resuming light exercise after about 3 weeks.


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