Low level light therapy has been shown to have beneficial effects on damaged or healing tissue. It restores cellular damage and activates factors to promote anti-aging.  In addition, low level light therapy improves collagen elasticity and speeds up wound healing.

In other words, the low level light source provides energy to damaged cells so the cells can enhance their performance resulting in the repair and regeneration.  Celluma increases blood circulation, collagen and elastin production and decreases inflammation.


Rebuild collegen

Increase tissue elasticity

Reduce pain

Increase blood flow and circulation

Accelerate tissue repair

Kill acne bacteria

Decrease inflammation

Improve skin tone, texture, clarity

Research has shown that LED light therapy may help smooth skin texture, improve skin firmness and resilience, increase lymphatic system activity, restore skin’s natural cellular activity, and reduce the appearance of superficial hyperpigmentation.

Low level light therapy is for everyone. It is absolutely painless.  There is no downtime or side effects.  Lay under the Celluma light for 30 minutes and return to your normal activities immediately.

We recommend Celluma for redness after chemical peels and most of our skin resurfacing procedures. However, many of you will want to use it for its anti-aging effects.

Come in and experience the Celluma difference.

Celluma can be scheduled as an independent appointment or may be recommended as an additional benefit to most of our skin treatments.  

30 minutes is required per Celluma treatment.  Bring your headphones and relax to your choice of music for 30 minutes!

Beauty to Go

We believe that every good surgical and non-invasive outcome begins and ends at home. This is done through strengthening your skin and making it as healthy as possible. At Sullivan Centre we sell only medical grade home skin health products that are clinically proven to make a difference in your skin.

From the doctors to the receptionists—we would like to thank each and every one of you for your professionalism. This experience has weighed heavily on us because of all of the different procedures that I had done, and someone was always there to answer my many questions and concerns. This facility is top notch! I can guarantee you that I will be back (in the future) and will recommend you to anyone seeking to enhance themselves. Thanks to all of you for your friendliness!
Sullivan Centre
L.P., Facelift, Abdominoplasty & Endoscopic Brow Lift patient